SmartDock SCBA Unit


  • With no levers or cords, SmartDock saves firefighters precious seconds.
  • In an accident, the top claw clamps down to keep the SCBA bottle from becoming a projectile.
  • Variety of mounting Tabs for various SCBA tank types
  • 2 Bolts makes it easy to install
  • CAPE tested to meet or exceed applicable safety standards.

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Firefighters should fight fires instead of their gear. With SmartDock, there are no cords or levers to slow them down. Simply bend at the waist to release the tank then stand up to exit the apparatus. In the event of a crash, SmartDock locks in place to keep the tank from becoming a projectile.
A single model fits nearly all SCBAs, and SmartDock quickly retrofits to a wide variety of seats. – Contact us for more information.

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Model #F103150
 Gen 2 SmartDock adjusts to accommodate 30-minute, 45-minute and 60-minute cylinders of various makes and models of SCBA, fitting nearly all SCBAs used in U.S. Fire departments. *Not compatible with the Scott 45/4500 “stubby” carbon cylinder or the Aluminum “Flat Top” Cylinder.

Available from Distributors
Model #F111031
 Gen 2 Sutphen Short SmartDock adjusts to accommodate 30-minute and 45-minute cylinders.  *Not compatible with the 60-minute cylinder, the Scott 45/4500 “stubby” carbon cylinder or the Aluminum “Flat Top” Cylinder.

For information on SCBA compatibility, contact IMMI at 866-765-5835.



Weight 11.73 kg
Dimensions 88.9 × 24.13 × 30.48 cm


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