Whether you’re riding in the desert or tackling challenging bogs and rocks in the woods, IMMI encourages drivers and riders to buckle up every time. With IMMI’s Click6, you don’t sacrifice comfort to stay safe.

The Ultimate Riding Experience

With six points of protection and one point of connection, IMMI’s Click6 retractable harness stands out.

One Buckle

Buckle up with one easy click and 6 points of protection.

No Crotch Strap

Eliminates uncomfortable cinching for a comfrtable ride.

Leg Adjusters

Secure restraint allows for better vehicle control.




Per Harness

  • New Race Web for Lap and Torso
  • Standard Adjusters
  • Standard Buckle
  • Shoulder Pad Option Not Available
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Per Harness

  • New Race Web for Lap and Torso
  • New IMMI Leg Adjusters
  • New and Improved Buckle
  • Reflective & Removable Shoulder Pads
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Made To Last

Click6 has been CAPE tested for safety and comfort, allowing you to have that secure feeling of a racing harness with innovative protection.