2″ CargoBuckle [G3] Retractable Ratchet Tie-Down System | 2-Pack


  • Permanent one-bolt installation
  • Six-foot reach, self-retracting web
  • Anti-corrosive construction
  • Dual safety lock security
  • Two-inch seat belt quality, polyester web
  • Interactive display package
  • 2 per Package
  • Optional adapters available to enable mobilityLength up to 72″
    Break Strength: 3,500 lbs./ea
    SWL: 1,167 lbs./ea

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The 2″ CargoBuckle [G3] professional grade retractable ratchet tie-down system takes the hassle out of securing your gear. Longer, heavier web enables you to tie down more equipment in more applications, conveniently and securely. Just hook, ratchet and go! The CargoBuckle can be permanently mounted with one bolt on a trailer, toy hauler, cargo rack, lift, truck, ladder rack and in various other applications. No more fighting with a tangled mess of straps. With IMMI’s CargoBuckle retractable ratchet tie-down, you simply Hook, Ratchet and Go! Our weather resistant design lets you tie down everything from UTVs, motorcycles, lawnmowers and more with ease. It has the longest, strongest, and most durable web of any ratchet tie-down. Protect your investment with the same safety technology that protects you.

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Weight 2.35868 kg
Dimensions 19.05 × 17.78 × 12.7 cm


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